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RISOGRAPH Poster Prints

Being huge fans of all things lo-fi, we’ve just created a cheeky little set of Risograph prints for Newcastle’s Urban Outfitters… just in time for Christmas!

The prints are all 3-colour Risograph prints, editions of 300, and a super framing friendly A3 in size. The price-tag ain’t bad either.

They are now also available online in our store. A few detail shots and a Risograph printing description below!

A stencil printer, also known as a Risograph, is an exciting piece of duplication technology. A thermographic master for each colour in the artwork is wrapped around a drum. Ink is forced through the voids in the master.

The paper runs flat through the machine while the drum rotates at high speed to print each image on the paper. The results are incredibly bright, pop prints, with overprinted, super fluorescent inks that are unmistakably Risograph.

Print release next week!

We break our print-silence this coming week with a release to celebrate the project we’ve just finished at the new Dr. Marten’s store in Newcastle.

The print will be available to purchase on Thursday evening 6pm, to coincide with the launch party of Dr. Marten’s Newcastle.

Full details + photos will come early this week, but we do know it will be an edition of 75, with 2 extra special colourways in 5 each.

For now, here’s a few teaser shots and some info. on the significance of the imagery.

As we mentioned in the previous post, DMs (and their place in the history of UK Subcultures) has inspired a whole heap of the Prefab77 imagery over the last 8 years or so.

Our slogans, captions and central figures have always referenced and borrowed from music and popular culture, usually from bygone eras, eras when the Dr. Marten boot was at it’s heyday and became an icon for an impassioned, rousing British youth.

The Guardian, Dr. Martens, VNA Magazine… (we’re alive)

Good afternoon strangers!!

The most belated blog post in the history of Prefab77 and possibly the art world! Don’t worry, we’re still here, we are just busying away with many things, commissions, projects, that sort of thing!

More detailed information to come soon, but here’s the latest from the P77 camp…

  • Street-art authority, VNA, chose Prefab77 to feature in issue 23 of the magazine. Our long time associate Tom Kirkby of Breaks Magazine conducted the interview, thankyou Tom! We don’t need to stress how honoured we are to be alongside FAILE, Morning Breath, Michael Sieban, Eelus, and many more. They were incredibly generous with the space we were given, so we strongly advise you check it out by picking one up RIGHT HERE.
  • Secondly! We are currently working on a large collab installation with the one and only Dr. Martens, which is incredible for us. The brand and Prefab77 share so much imagery and sentiments, we have used Skinheads, Punks, Teds, etc. etc. extensively in our imagery since day one, so this is an amazing match for us. There will be a ltd. print release to coincide with the store opening too. WATCH THIS SPACE!


Our new print is now in the store, it’s limited to 10 pieces + 2 APs, all come wrapped in screenprinted Prefab77 tissue paper with a handful of stickers thrown in!


We’re working on a set of new stickers… aside from sticking these to everything that moves / doesn’t move, we’ll also be giving them away with every order! Pure quality, hand screen-printed vinyl beauties!

Prefab77 Stickers

Prefab77 Stickers

All new

New studio, new ideas, new website!

After a short spell on BIGCARTEL, we’ve given PREFAB77.CO.UK a good old overhaul.

To celebrate, we’re releasing a VERY LIMTED print edition, more on that soon.

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